Obama, Gates, “Factfulness”, and their PANDEMIC


In 2018 Obama and Gates made headlines by telling the world how much they both love the book “Factfulness” (here). It is “one of the best books I have ever read” according to Gates. On the surface no one thought anything of it, some guy talking about how the world was actually making some progress, and it talks alot about perspective. But considering the arrogance of our elite leaders I kinda wondered if they were actually hinting at something else with this headline. So I did some looking at the book summaries available and kept it in the back of my mind. Then I felt like God put it on my heart this morning to take a look at the author’s personal views in addition to the book summaries… and that got interesting quickly.

Bill Gates was a huge fan and good friend of the author, Hans Rosling, who recently passed away in 2017. In his last year of life he wrote Bill a letter asking him to “spread his message” which Gates says was happy to do (here). What is his message? We will get to that. Publically in his notes he says the message was just an optimistic message, but taking a look at Roslings work shows that being happy and optimistic isn’t exactly his main message. Or even his message at all. That is really his delivery method much more than it is his message. Rosling is obsessed with global government, although he stays away from the actual phrase (see his chart on global partnership here: here). One interview is extremely telling about what his views are (here). In this interview Hans is disgusted by even the mention “the West” and it sets him off on a tirade. Why? He instantly defends Muslim countries although they weren’t even mentioned by the interviewer. He then says that the West will be a “negligible part of mankind” in the near future. That means a unimportant part of mankind- if you weren’t familiar with that word. He seems disgusted with the West. He says that Europe and America will never willingly elect anyone who will help save the world with good climate policy. And “it’s painful to realize” that we are worse than China according to him. This dispite the fact China emits more carbon dioxide than America and the EU combined (source). He doesn’t let facts get in his way. If we won’t willingly elect this leader you say we need Hans, how will we get this leadership? He will give us hints shortly. He also points out that he has no belief in God and that suffering is an “intellectual challenge”. He is emotionally detached from suffering and he is not shy about it. People who “are very ill” are just “part of the world”. He makes it clear he is desensitized to death as he rambles on about how dead bodies don’t phase him. I am not kidding read the article. At one point he even says 4.2 million dead babies is a “beautifully small” number (source) That is cold. this guy is quite a calculated and cold person according to his own words. And dead bodies don’t matter to him. If someone in your family told you that what would you think of them? Probably be pretty concerned wouldn’t you? Yeah, exactly.

Not surprisingly Bill Gates “loved his message” (source). In Gates own words they became close friends. He also tells us Hans sent him a letter right before he passed away in 2017 asking him to “keep spreading the message he was so passionate about”. Bill Gates couldn’t be more thrilled to do so for his close friend. What message again? That “policy decisions should be made on data”- whatever data that may be…

One scathing critique of Roslings points out that he judges all things by income levels and life expectancy within nations (here, again). He completely disregards the vast disparity of wealth and quality of life within each nation. Americans are all judged as the same although for the poorer people in America income has not changed since 1980. The top 1% of earners went from 430k to 1.3 million dollars in that same time frame. The top 1% in America lives to 87 years old, while the bottom end is closer to 73. But he paints us all as the horrible West that is too dumb to “willingly elect” the right leadership (I’m not so sure I want leadership advice from someone with such disdain for us soon to be “negligibles”). Rosling says we need to establish “world systems” not look for “heroes”, but he doesn’t clarify exactly what that means. We can read between the lines. He completely disregards mental health, enjoying nature, and loving each other. Instead it is always cold, calculating, and all about income levels and birth rates within nations as a whole. Not the best way to get a complete picture. Someone could have a poor quality of life and live longer than someone else. 2/3 of the worlds wealth will be in the hands of the top 1% by 2030- but Rosling was only concerned about judging us as all as nation state statistics to be coldly dealt with- detached from God or emotions. And if you’re in the West you are a bitter negligible- even if you struggle with depression and haven’t had any wage increase since 1980. He paints with quite a broad brush and has a strange message of pretend unity that is actually extremely oversimplified and divisive. Yet Obama and Bill Gates love it.

In 2014 there was an Ebola outbreak in Africa. Hans Rosling become obsessed with it. He made 11 YouTube videos about it out of 51 total videos on his Gapminder Foundation YouTube channel (link). During the crisis it was over 50% of his total content. In fact he ended up packing his stuff up and going over there to “help”. I am not trying to belittle his help by adding quotes but I do remember him saying that dead bodies don’t phase him, 4.3 million dead babies is beautiful, and he looks at the world as “let’s get things done, yes” (source). What things he wants done is getting pretty clear. Anyway so he is over there with the Ebola and he is especially fascinated by the way the army and political leaders listen and submit to the “experts” (himself). They “listened to us” and “the division of tasks was kept clear”. He thought it was important to have a more effective system to identify and follow all contacts- or track everyone. He says “constant tracking and monitoring became the number one priority” (source). He said they had to “reach zero by identifying each and every person that had been in contact with each case”. He is loving the power and control this brought him and he is trying his best not to show it- but he can’t help it. He clearly thinks this dictator-like power is more beautiful than 4.3 million dead babies. And he is taking notes big time.

The very last video on his YouTube channel before he died is an attempted rebuke of Trump that is thinly veiled at best since he specifically names Trump in it. He attempts to show Mexico vs America compared on a chart by income and children per household (link). At this point this metric is getting so oversimplified and pointless I can’t stand this guy personally. He has a severe case of autism and can only see these couple factors no matter what he looks at. Check his videos for yourself. Remember how much he hated the soon to be “negligible” West, that will never elect the leader he thinks that we need. He surely hated Trump who embodied everything he spoke against- hence the YouTube video. Weather you like Trump or not this Hans guy should make you very uneasy at this point. One of Hans Roslings disciples invokes his memory to comfort himself by saying Trump supporters are “less than 1% of the world population” and that they must “remember what they are fighting for” (source). He is happy to remind you there are alot more Muslims than Trump supporters (see here). Uhhh, okay? Again with their random obsession with Muslims and distain for the West. Shouldn’t you be concerned about there being more democratic voters than Trump supporters? What ARE you fighting for again? That they want you to remember that Trump supporters are less than 1% of the world population is extremely telling on how badly they want a one world government and not individual nation states. That is exactly what Hans Roslings over simplified autistic charts are supposed to mean. I am not mocking autism mind you, I have had great autistic friends that I loved. I genuinely cannot see anyway someone could think those metrics are giving the full picture without having certain parts of their brain turned off.

So now on to his great super special book. Obama likes it alot. Gates thinks it might be the best book ever. Hans Rosling in his book tells us that some of the global risks that concern him the most are the risks of global pandemic and the risk of financial collapse (source). He also tells us that the “future of human activity has the potential to do unacceptable damage to the planet” (above link). He has to prevent that and he can’t use democracy because he already said that will never work. In the 10th chapter he talks about the “Urgency Instinct” which is our “tendency to take immediate action in the face of immediate danger” (see here). Interesting.

With all that being said it is clear what “the message he was so passionate about” actually is. Humans who suffer are just “part of the world”. He can’t be bothered with that, he is focused on action. And heck no he doesn’t believe in God, he cannot wait to declare that to you. We, the West, will never elect the leader we need and we are bitter and becoming negligible. Muslims are the future he says. Since we won’t elect the leader we need it is possible to utilize the “Urgency Instinct”, which makes people do things they don’t really want to do and throw reasoning out the window. One good example is when he was dealing with Ebola and the government leadership became subservient to him and gave him dictatorlike powers. He liked that alot. He sings alot of praise to people who do exactly everything he wants them to. (4.3 million dead babies is a “beautiful thing” and sick people are just “part of the world”- he only thinks of them in intellectual terms and is emotionally detached remember. He doesn’t value human life so that is not his main focus here). With Ebola he could track the heck out of everything and everyone, it was a grand old time. The earthly kings bowed before his “expertise”. So we can use his first two “greatest fears”- “PANDEMIC and financial collapse” (link)- to get the right leadership in the West since they will never elect them. They will get that leader when you trigger the “Urgency Instinct” because people act irrationally when they “perceive imminent danger” (source). His last request to Bill Gates was to make sure Gates spread the message that “policy decisions should be based on data”- and we now see the data sets this anti-American personality is working with. Use pandemic and financial collapse to usher in the right world system and leadership through the Urgency Instinct. Bill Gates has just the right virus (see here) , just the right technological solutions and “system” (see here), and just the right man for the job (link). No wonder Bill Gates and Barack Hussein Obama love this book so much. Smh

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