Replacement Theology Debunked!

Replacement Theology is the idea that the church replaced natural Israel and God no longer has a plan for the Hebrew/ Jewish people in the future of the world before He returns. Strangely enough people still believe this even though we can literally look at a map and see Israel is a nation again for the first time in 1900 years in our generation! Can I stop debating this now? Okay I get it you have been severely brainwashed by people who believe this nonsense in our day.

  1. The church is NEVER called Israel in the New Testament. We are called those of the “circumcision” but not Israel.
  2. The church is contrasted with natural Israel in Romans 9-11. It is clear Paul is speaking of natural Israel.
  3. Romans 11:25-26 absolutely disproves Replacement Theology. Blindness happens to Israel UNTIL the fulness of the non-Jew believers comes in. And then all of Israel will be saved!
  4. After the fulness of the Gentiles (non-Jew church age) then _______________________ (fill in the blank).
  5. There are many Biblical prophecies speaking of the time immediately before Christ returns to rule that very clearly deal with natural geographical Israel.
  6. The answer to #4 is “all of Israel will be saved”.

It is astonishing to me that we can live in a day and age that is seeing such a dramatic amount of Biblical prophecy coming to pass and yet we still do not believe. If we see the exact things that the Bible said would happen coming to pass it would seem we wouldn’t need to question if it is literal of not! Of course it is literal if we see the statistically impossible literal fulfillment before our very eyes!

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