Meet Hans Rosling- the man with the sinister Cov19 plan…

In this video we examine Obama and Gates sending us an open and yet cryptic message about the plan they were putting together. Due to the length of the video as is, I stopped before getting through all the evidence. Although Hans Rosling is the man with the idea and the plan to cripple the West with a sickness or virus, and Gates is the man he gave the exact blueprint to complete with all the details- Obama is the one who is pushing it behind the scenes the hardest. He uses people like pawns and keeps the appearance of clean hands. An example would be how he uses John Kerry to travel around and do much of his bidding. Or how he sends Gates, Sen Murphy, Klain, or even Trudeou to say what he wants said without having to say it himself. Very persuasive guy that #44 is. But here we look at Hans Rosling and his extreme oversimlification of the world. If you watch his presentations on income/ children per family that he repeats over and over and over I am sure you will wonder why he is unable to input any additional data. You talk about an intelligent simpleton- that is Hans for you. His overslimpified gibberish gets tiresome pretty quickly. Anyway here he is drooling at the mouth at the idea of crippling the West with his triggering of the “Urgency Instinct” via Pandemic in order to stop the West from their co2 emissions which are significatly less than China’s already. He does not care about facts, as the title of his book would have you believe, only when facts serve his ultimate purpose of destroying the West in order to bring a universal utopia.

My plea with Bill Gates is sincere and genuine. I do pray for him and I do hear some humanity in his voice still so I think he may not be completely handed over to satan yet. 2 Thessalonians 2:11. I want any and all people in power to repent and seek God instead of wishing death on humans. If we do not have love than we are not much better than any of the animals we eat for dinner. We must love one another!


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