Close Obama Advisor Says We Can’t Live Life Until Vaccine…

If anyone has been paying attention Obama is clearly masterminding this whole operation. Yes Bill Gates and other close associates do the talking- but the common thread is always Obama. From Dr. Fauci to Chris Murphy to Ebola Czar Ron Klain, who had 0 experience in public health when he was appointed, close relationship with Obama is the thread holding this whole charade up.

Zeke Emmanuel says we can never have any normal life until we take their magic vaccine which is set to roll out after the Democrats win this election. And they are going to win regardless of how bad they have to cheat, they are well prepared to do it. Obviously, look at this whole virus they released on the public as step one. That is one huge and scary step one. Hard to imagine the type of thinking it takes to bring yourself to do something this sinister- clearly everything is on the table now folks. And theya re telling us we are all indefinately grounded from each other until they get their way with the bioID/ Vaccine plan they have put together for us without our consent. Smh. Pray for these people to repent from this rediculous trash.



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