Unemployment as deadly as COV19?

While our leadership continues to extend the amount of time we are grounded they are also doing great damage to the economy. And I mean GREAT DAMAGE. One article points out that it is headed towards a great depression if we don’t get people working (Source). Actually not just one article (here, herehereand here). Our economy is already looking at a U shaped recovery according to experts, and there is chatter of an L shaped recovery- not good. Very not good if that happens. So what about the death that results from economic collapse?

63% Risk of Early Death?

According to one study at Live Science when we are unemployed we fall into bad habits and have additional stress causing a 63% increased risk of death! If you had millions more unemployed how many tens of thousands of additional deaths would that equal? (source) Yale University found the same thing (here). And another study found we have a 50% higher chance to die of heart failure (See here). I am sure the elites know this but a financial collapse of the US Dollar will help them bring the global currency and the new world order they have wanted for so long…

Financial Collapse is the Goal Isn’t it?

Photo Collage Maker_rYkMq4

A quick Google of “cashless” shows unlimited amounts of results of the bought and paid for media pushing a cashless society. The only realistic way to get it is with a giant pandemic too. That way they can tell us how cash transfers the sickness and also they can hurt the economy enought o make the dollar weak. I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming but this is the way they will roll out the “mark of the beast”- a mandatory implant which will have our information digitally stored so that we cannot buy or sell without it . Bible prophecy teachers have warned about this for decades and here it is- the mechanism is in place and the technology is finally ready. They want us chipped like cattle! Just know that if you take that mark God will hand you over to a strong dilusion and you won’t be able to come back to your senses. You will be walking around cold and headed for hell. Thank goodness He warned us!



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