America has Fallen- Mystery Babylon the Great Harlot!

For over 15 years I have studied Revelation 17 & 18’s detailed description of “Mystery Babylon” attempting to pin down who exactly it was referring to. I read every view I could find including a pretty lengthy book by David Hunt back when I first looked into it. Although I had my leanings it wasn’t until a few days ago God gave me certainty about the identity of Mystery Babylon. And when He told me I knew it wasn’t going to be what anyone wanted to hear. But Jesus is the way, the TRUTH, and the life- and the truth is what He requires I tell you.

The Great Harlot

The church is named the Bride of Christ in Scripture. Mystery Babylon is referred to as an unfaithful woman. Why is that significant? It implies that she started out or had roots in faith in Christ and grew to be unfaithful and filthy. America’s founders based our laws heavily on Scripture and for sometime America was considered the light of the world. As one 1941 book on the American Dream noted in regards to America’s greatness:

“Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits flame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power. America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.”

How far we have fallen from those days! We let these people in Hollywood make us out to be lowlife perverts to the whole world! Oh I am so embarrassed that I ever gave these Hollywood people a penny of my money and a single second of my time. They got rich off of destroying us at home and the world abroad smh. But nonetheless here is the whole story on Mystery Babylon as God the Father revealed it to me through the Holy Spirit…

Exporter of Sexual Sin and Porn…

God expects us to live sexually pure and get one wife or husband and stick with them. God hates porn, cheating, and all the stuff that we have been raised to accept. Being raised here and influenced by Hollywood constantly bombarding us with their ideas, many of us have lived sexually immoral lives. God is not excited about that. Not only has Hollywood and porn influenced us on an individual level, our country is the chief exporter of sexual sin to the entire world! Oh boy, we should not have done that…

He judged the great harlot who corrupted the earth with her fornication” -Rev 19:2

7 times it tells us that the Mystery Babylon has made the world corrupted with her fornication in Revelation 17-19. It is the most repeated accusation towards the harlot. It is not just that America is immoral ourselves that fulfills this, it is that we export immorality to the entire world through Hollywood and Internet porn.

Hollywood’s Influence Over Us

No one would argue Hollywood has an especially Christian agenda. You couldn’t pretend that was true if you tried. Unfortunately Hollywood actually mocks God and encourages people to live sexually immoral and lawless lives. They make it seem like it is the best way to live. They don’t tell you about the extreme depression that many of us fall into when we imitate their suggested lifestyle (link,Chart). They don’t mention the dramatic increase in suicide either (45,000 in 2016 alone source). They seem to forget to mention the rise of STD’s that is spreading in the USA more than any other developed country too. That wouldn’t help them sell as much of their trash. Every single time I fall for their junk and imitate Hollywood it leaves me disappointed. It is hollow and wanting.


    Hollywood’s Influence Over the World

Hollywood’s “entertainment” (Mostly Filth) is classified as “Creative Industries” exports. When I looked this up I was shocked how large this world wide empire of Hollywood is. The money generated from Hollywood’s exports to other countries is about 800 BILLION DOLLARS. And that is not counting what they make here in America- that is just how much of their trash we send to the rest of the entire world. That is more than the entire economic output of Sweden or Switzerland! That is half of Canada’s GDP! (Source) More than 5 million Americans work in this feild in some way to produce this material that is largely useless trash. That is alot of sexual immorality and Godlessness we export. Much different exports than the missionaries we used to send to the entire world 100 years ago.

America’s Invention of the Internet

The internet was invented by the US Department of Defense program AARPNET (Source) and was ran by the US Governments Commerce Department until Obama changed it when he was in office (Source). So the US Government invented, controlled, and allowed the entire world to access unlimited amounts of porn for decades unlike anything the world has ever seen. And access porn the world has. Look at some of these numbers (Source)

  • -At least 30% of all data transferred is porn
  • -Porn is a 97 billion dollar Industry
  • -The worlds largest porn site received 33,500,000,000 visits in 2018
  • -624,000+ child porn traders have been discovered in the US. How many more worldwide through our invention of the internet?

It is horrible what we have allowed the internet to do to the entire world! The world is truly corrupted with filthiness of our fornication (or sexual sin)!!!

the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication [sexual sin]” -Rev 17:2

He has judged the great harlot who corrupted the earth with her fornication [sexual sin]” -Rev 19:2

Many Different Cultures Combined Together

The waters which you saw, where the harlot sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations [ethnic groups], and tongues [languages]. -Rev 17:15

So this whore sits on (many) waters (Rev 17:1), like America, and has a wide variety of ethnic groups and languages, again America. The word translated “nations” above is “ethnos” in the Greek and should actually be translated “ethnic groups”. This description is clearly a picture of America. There is a huge variety of different types of people with different languages in America more so than any other country. Not even close.

All The Nations Get Rich From Her

The merchants [kings] of earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury” -Rev 18:3

She glorified herself and lived luxuriously” -Rev 18:7

For in one hour such great riches came to nothing” -Rev 18:17

Is there any question what nation is the wealthiest nation on earth and controls the world economy for the last many decades? No, there is not. America has had the luxury of the dollar being the world trade currency and the creativity and innovation to make us the economic superpower of the world for the last 70+ years without question. Again this is not even debatable in the slightest. America made the nations rich and glorified ourselves and lived in luxury. There is no nation that this could be describing in our day except the USA. Since 1960 we have been between 22-40% of the entire world’s economy- and we are only a few % of the world population!!! (source)

Americas Arrogance

In the measure that she glorified herself and lived luxuriously, in the same measure give her torment and sorrow; for she says in her heart, ‘I sit as queen, and am no widow, and will not see sorrow.” -Rev 18:7

I know from studying history it wasn’t always like this. Harvard University was originally a Bible College. All schools taught the Bible to some degree up until 50 years ago. We once sent missionaries to every nook and cranny of the world we could find. That was the old America. Now? We are very arrogant. Now America says in her heart she will never see sorrow and nothing bad could ever happen to her. EVEN WHILE WE FACE THIS COV19 CRISIS, I AM STILL HEARING PEOPLE YELL THAT NOTHING BAD COULD HAPPEN TO THE USA IN THE FACE OF OBVIOUS SORROW ON THE HORIZON!!! Again Americans constantly glorify themselves and live extremely self serving lives.

By Her Drug Peddling The Nations Are Deceived

by your sorcery [pharmaceuticals] all the nations were deceived.” -Rev 18:23

The word “sorcery” here is the word “pharmakeia”- which is the word we get pharmacy from. According to the Strong’s concordance it is properly translated “drug related sorcery” or simply put drug use. Has America promoted and sold drugs to the world? Well this one will shock some people but the American government has been very busy in the drug trades for a long time. Much of it under the guise of “intelligence gathering” or whatever other excuse, but they have been busy: (here, and here, and here). Not only has the CIA been involved in drugs, Hollywood’s 800 billion dollar foreign market has massively been used to promote alcohol, weed, and whatever other drug. In addition to that the USA has the largest pharmaceutical market in the world by 3.5x that of #2 (Source). On exports alone America is second to only Germany or some charts say 3rd to Germany and Switzerland (source). America is a giant drug dealer to the world and also a giant drug use promoter worldwide. Are you starting to get the picture yet? God has every right to be- in fact He wouldn’t be caring if he wasn’t- very upset with this filthy whore. And she is about to pay big time.

America Facilitated Abortion and Persecution

I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. -Rev 17:6

Interestingly in this verse it looks like it says the same thing twice. It does not. The word here for “saints” according to my print strong’s is “hagios” in the Greek and can also mean “physically pure and morally blameless”. The word for “martyr” (martus in Greek) can also be translated as “witness”. So you could also translate this verse as:

“I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the pure and blameless AND with the blood of the witnesses of Jesus.” -Rev 17:6

Notice the “and”, that implies it is two separate groups of people she is guilty of killing- not a redundancy of the same group. While this word for “saints” can mean Christians and usually does, here it seems to mean something else since the second part is specifically naming the witnesses to Jesus already. Can you think of any physically pure and morally blameless people that have been killed besides the Christians who are pure because they are forgiven through Christ? Yes that is right- beautiful little babies are both physically pure and morally blameless. This whore is killing babies and Christians alike. America is the chief exporter of abortions, with our elites and government helping to set up abortion clinics around the whole world. Abortion has killed 61 million babies in America, and played a large roll in the 1.5 BILLION that have been killed worldwide. Source

Killed Christians?

One of the main objections I used to have was that America wasn’t responsible for killing Christians. I thought America could not be Mystery Babylon because even though most things did fit, this one thing didn’t. Well alot has changed since 2005. Meet Barack Obama, he had a foreign policy that encouraged the creation of Isis and wiped out some of the oldest Christian communities in the world. Let’s look at how one article breaks down Obama created Isis: Source

It is no secret that the United States was supporting the Syrian opposition in 2012 and even until very recently. In December 2012, thanks in large measure to the active lobbying of Mrs. Clinton and U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford, Obama declared that the United States considered the opposition as “the legitimate representative of the Syrian people.”

What was secret until the release of this August 2012 defense intelligence report is that the United States knew that the Syrian opposition was dominated by al Qaeda in Iraq and the Islamic State of Iraq, groups that merged and morphed into what today we call ISIS.

The Obama administration willingly supported and armed the groups that would become Isis. I have a hard time thinking that was completely random, specially since I knew about the radical elements of the “arab aprings” supposedly democratic uprising without doing much research at all at that time (see here). You will also read that Obama wanted to isolate Syria because he thought it was becoming a hot spot for shia muslim expansion- apparently he likes the sunni muslims better. Is Syria alone this horrible policy caused 190,000+ deaths and 500k wounded (See here, and here, and here, and here). Obama has had a long history of favoring muslims and rejecting Christians: Here, and again. He also has a history of meddling in foreign elections in favor of pro-islam cadidates even when it will cause the slaughter of Christians: (here, and again). The list of discrimination towards Christ and preferential treatment towards muslims is of no end (here). Even blocking the visa of a popular little nun in an especially cruel move here. Although the mainstream media tried to turn a blind eye there are even some articles by them posted above. It is no secret that Obamas White House persecuted Christians abroad and aided Isis and the murder of some of the oldest Christian communities in the Middle East! How sad!

City on Seven Hills?

    “The seven heads are seven hills on which the the woman sits.” -Rev 17:9

Some translations here will read mountains and both readings are possible based on the original Greek. I will stick with hills since that is the revelation of the Bible prophecy experts of our day and appears to be a clear reference to Rome which was known as the city on seven hills when John would have penned Revelation on the Isle of Patmos about 85AD. So Rome is a city on seven hills, are there any others in America or do we have to ignore this verse? Well actually Washington DC is built on 7 hills:

  • Capitol Hill
  • Meridian Hill
  • Floral Hills
  • Forest Hills
  • Hillbrook
  • Hillcrest
  • Knox Hill

But that is not all…

When in Rome…

So I almost didn’t even deal with this part of the prophecy because the case is already so definitive. But God told me that I should keep looking, and so I did. This was a clear reference to Rome in John’s day, but yet he named it Mystery Babylon, not Rome. Rome was even called Babylon sometimes as we see in 1 Peter 5:13 (Mark was in Rome Colossians 4:10). But this is not that- this is a “mystery” that appears in the last days. Well I did some digging and thank the Lord for Barbara Price doing her genealogy work! Because of her I discovered what Washington DC was named before Washington DC in 1663… I also found the name of the land owner… and this is something I have never heard anywhere until now…

Mystery Babylon REVEALED!!!

Wow. So according to the “Original patentees of land at Washington prior to 1700” by Bessie Willmarth Brown (see it free here: (here, here, here, here) the land of Washington DC was originally called ROME, Maryland! Wow that is a shock!!! Washington DC was literally Rome before it was Washington DC! And guess who owned it? Someone named Francis Pope!!! Right now the actual Pope’s name is Francis!!! That is not a coincidence- God is a God of patterns and order! How incredibly God tells us what will happen before it does! The last days when all this happens Pope Francis will be in actual Rome, and Rome Maryland- previously owned by Francis Pope- is facing severe judgement as the new Mystery Babylon!!!

What Is Coming Next?

I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest your receive of her plagues. For her sins have reached heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities…In the measure that she glorified herself and lived luxuriously, in the same measure give her torment and sorrow; for she says in her heart, ‘I sit as queen…and will not see sorrow.’ Therefore her plagues will come in one day- death and mourning and famine. And she will be utterly burned with fire” -Rev 18:4-8

America is going to get hit with plagues, death, mourning, famine, and lastly fire- likely nuclear attacks on major cities conducted by terrorists and Islamic forces. We can clearly see the plagues, death, mourning and famine are already starting in that exact order. Because God is always right and the media is never anything near as accurate as the Scripture (We need to trust God and repent immediately). The Antichrist will come to power from America, that is why the woman and the beast are described as having a partnership initially in 17:3, 7. We are also told that the Antichrist, called the beast here, is “of the seven”. America is the seventh empire of 17:10 and the Antichrist comes to power from us. However he forms an alliance with 10 kings or nations as well as this is all happening (17:12-14). This will be an Islamic based coalition which will be “of one mind” – or “opinion, will, agree”- according to my concordance. They agree because they share the same faith.

And these 10 kingdoms will “hate the harlot, make her desolate and naked, eat her flesh and burn her with fire.” -Rev 17:16

   That is a clear picture of what we are seeing now, make her desolate and naked, but eat her flesh and burn her with fire is a perfect description of the reaction of a nuclear attack. I think they come from powerful IED’s detonated by terror cells within the US- and not necessarily (or at all) from airstrikes- at least at first. Articles about these terror cells in the USA are not hard to find, we have known about many of them for decades (Feinstein telling us, Daily Caller, CBN, Warning about immediate threat). Notice the first article I posted in Washinton Examiner quoting Diane Feinstein- a democratic Senator. This is not a partisan belief that they exist. It is a fact. Take a look at this article and the accompanying videos: Terror Cells In America .


1. “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.” We must turn to Christ first. Confess to God that you are a sinner and need Christ right now. Out loud tell God that you believe completely that Jesus died for your sins and rose from the grave physically on the 3rd day. Tell God that you accept Jesus forgiveness and that you turn your life over to Him and trust Him instead of this world system that is perishing. Do it FROM YOUR HEART- God is sick of Americas insincere trash confessions of empty words- He reads your heart. He does not care if you are eloquent or good with words AT ALL- that means little to God. If you are a Christian already you MUST REPENT from our sin immediately. Not just the sin of sexual immorality but also the sin of pride and living luxuriously more than seeking His will. Also the sin of drug use, he is not happy about that either. These are the things he specifically rebuked us for in these Scriptures, and if we want any chance we better listen to the same God who literally made our capital on “Rome” Maryland purchased from “Francis Pope”!!! REPENT MY FRIENDS- I did when the Lord pulled on my heart not long ago! Don’t wait!

2. Make yourself ready for the Marriage supper of the Lamb- or rapture! Jesus is going to supernaturally take some believers to heaven prior to this thing getting all the way bad. We see that in Revelation 19:7, Luke 21:36, and Revelation 3:10. BUT THIS EVENT is for those that are “worthy” or “overcoming” and living completely sold out for God!!! Do not play around because this is not a game.

3. Warn people around us in love! Please do not hesistate to share any of my material if it helps or word it however you have to- but by all means share the truth of what God has told us is coming with everyone you can!

4. Pray! We must pray and seek God immensely that we may be supernaturally protected in “the secret place of the Most High” (Psalm 91)! God will keep you from this pestilence and from destruction if we seek HIM completely! Even if we are faced with death, if we are completely in Christ He will cloak you in His strength and you WILL NOT EVEN feel anything like what naturally you would! Stephen was being stoned to death in Acts 7 and yet he had perfect peace to say “Look! I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man stabding at the right hand of God” and “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit” and again, “Lord, do not charge them with their sin.” among other things he spoke! You could not speak with this patience and love naturally- he was supernaturally protected from the pain to a point that he was able to behave that way!

5. Worship God! The Bible tells us that we enter his gates with thanksgiving and that we enter His courts with praise! Get your worship cd’s and Hymnals out NOW and begin to worship God from your heart! And do this often!!!

6. Realize food shortages and famine are on the horizon. God will provide but you would be wise to understand what God told us about our day. He is NEVER WRONG. Weather it is this year of next year, it is EXTREMELY CLOSE AND you would be a fool to ignore the signs. If you tell yourself you are okay until next year you will never be okay because you ignored the beginning of the signs already- plague, morning, and food shortages- and you are searing your heart as with a hot iron and saying unto yourself “we will not see sorrow” like the evil people in 18:7 do. It does not turn out well for those that hate God’s Word.

7. NEVER EVER TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST. When they come out with a system that they force you to get in order to buy or sell- likely a vaccine/ bioID combination- you cannot take it. The whole world is ending in a few short years anyway- 3.5-7 years maximum- and you will be getting slammed with plagues and death for most of it if you take the mark and then you will 100% go to hell as well. It isn’t even close to worth it. RESIST THE MARK OF THE BEAST NO MATTER IF IT COSTS YOUR LIFE. And it will cost many people their life (Rev 20:4, 14:12-13). DO NOT ACCEPT HELL FOR A TINY AMOUNT OF RELIEF BROTHERS AND SISTERS. I will see you when you get there.

Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus…blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on…that they may rest from their labors, and their works follow them.”

-Rev 14:12,13

8. Forgive quickly towards your Christian brothers and sisters in this time, but understand that many WILL TURN away and even turn you into the system when they begin the severe persecution.  “Because lawlessness will abound the love of many will grow cold”, and “men’s hearts will fail them fore fear of what is about to come”. And again “you will betrayed even by parents and brothers, relatives and friends; and they will put some of you to death…by your patience possess your souls.”.

9. Go read 2-5 again and PAY ATTENTION PLEASE! This is not just words I am dloing this with you- as well as brothers and sisters in Christ around the world1 Seek God while he may be found!


  1. No doubt about this… I used to preach this message when Obama first got elected, but I gave up and deleted my blog when I realized no one was hearing me. Still, it is a relief to see more people putting two and two together.

    Either way, someday this will be an irrefutable fact. God bless

    You can spell Barack Hussein Obama using those words… Its some kind of sexual deification hidden in his


  2. That is not true about Obama! Why do you so-called Christians make everything about race? It was Paul Bremer during the Bush administration. He Disbanded the Iraqi Army. On May 23, 2003, Bremer issued Order Number 2, in effect dissolving the entire former Iraqi army and putting 400,000 former Iraqi soldiers out of work. The move was widely criticized for creating a large pool of armed and disgruntled youths for the insurgency. The CIA created ISIS because they were waiting on Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to get out of prison


  3. When they come out with a system that they force you to get in order to buy or sell- likely a vaccine/ bioID combination- you cannot take it. The Covid vaccine isn’t the mark. Not holding the Sabbath on Saturday the 7th day for rest as it should be? Do not follow the catholic teaching / declaration. This is the mark…please study this as its crucial


  4. I see you wrote this in May 2020, well before the sham election. Seems biblical prophesy is right on schedule. Maybe Trump is out of DC because of the nightmare that is going to occur there and God wanted to protect His anointed. Just a thought.

    Overall, excellent, provocative, and well researched article, but it needs better editing. It’s a good idea to have someone proof-read it before posting. Even a minor mistake can undermine a legitimate argument. Here are two examples within your article –

    “The Obama administration willingly supported and armed the groups that would become Isis. I have a hard time thinking that was completely random, specially since I knew about the radical elements of the “arab aprings” supposedly democratic.”

    It should be “especially” and “springs”. Hopefully, you can correct that if there is a way to edit this article after posting. There may be more errors, but those examples stuck out to me like a sore thumb.


  5. Hey omg I can say you need to copy and send your thoughts everywhere I am the one that barely clings to life my name is Cohen Rice government took all possessions so no phone to call my own fuck the welfare phones I’m not using ebt . My family is all set up and threw me out like nothing and don’t give me what they all possess like a real good fucking phone. Be careful for this blog is dangerous the all seeing eye 👁️ is embedded into my life forever I’m sorry the evil makers forever sealed there own permanent law unto me. Not a day goes by do I not live in any way like all the other I graduated high school though at San Andreas Continuation High School on Pacific Street went to San Gorgonio and Pacific High School everyone acts like I think I deserve something despite I’ve given all I can to them yet they still snatched and took my belongings when I’m never looking they somehow know I’m typing this god bless you I wish I could sit down with you in person for they are really just mislead and damaged as i must be due to all the public opinion. Sincerely Cohen Chad Rice the real one. Aka gizzymo from Cloud 9 or Gotham City . Thank You


  6. I agree with what you say and thank you for all your hard work; I know was inspired by the Lord. As far as the person talking about your grammar…..come on………..lets see you do a fraction of the work this man has done!!!!


  7. I understood that the new babylon was the usaback in 1980s.
    But i don’t blame hollywood. I put the blame ryt where it belongs. Mankind
    We are flawed. And hellbent on our own destruction along with most things on this planet. Why ? Individuality. We simply cannot work together. One person will say no for no reason other than the person next to him said yes lol. Individuality breeds greed, envy, hate etc.
    Take ants for example. A small insignificant creature by itself. But together they can litterally move mountains cause they act as ONE.
    As for Christianity i put no faith into it. I worship nature. The very thing that provides us with all we need to survive. My belief was we were meant to be caretakers not carve up the planet like a pie out of greed. Religions are responsible for most of the atrocities in our history.
    Everything in the universe is about balance. Day and night. Sweet and sour. Pleasure and pain. Good and evil. Etc
    We have upset the balance and the universe will right its self at our demise lol.


  8. Wow! Your words bring everything to light. I just recently realized that America is Babylon. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe. Come quickly Lord Jesus!


  9. You’re too small. The government in America is just like the governments all over the Harlot controlled turf. It includes the cartels all over the world, all religious denominations, and most of the world governments.


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