Qanon- Trump #17 Jersey Proof Debunked

Qanon people are posting Donald Trump supposedly passing up on the traditional #45 Jersey to get a #17 jersey. Or, using gematria, a “Q” jersey. (see picture)

A little research would show that Trump was given #17 to represent the 2017 championships won by the Houston Astros and Alabama Crimson Tide because they won their championship in the year 2017.  If there was no precedent for the presidential championship jersey being the championship year, qanoner’s could use this, but there is. Houston Astros had never won a world series before, so they made the decision to use the championship year and will likely do it again if they ever win another. Alabama Crimson Tide has won before so we can clearly see their choice for presidential championship jersey numbers here:



Are there other examples of this elsewhere?

President Bush: Photo Opportunity and Remarks to the Boston Red Sox


Has Trump only gotten jersey #17?

trump_jersey_1024x1024@2x     So we clearly see Trump is not “forgoing” #45, but instead getting some 2017 jerseys according to tradition. So far ever single Qanon proof I have checked into has been not only inaccurate but looks like a dishonest manipulation campaign.

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