Mark Taylor- Trump prophecy?

  • In early 2011 Donald Trump was in the news regularly over the birther issue and a possible republican presidential run. CNN, NBC, and FOX were already including Trump in presidential polls, which he was 1st and 2nd in a couple of them, as of 4-11-2011 (see here)
  • April 26 2011 Trump pulled into 1st in presidential polls (here)
  • April 27 2011 Trump was in the news because Obama released his birth certificate largely because of Trump’s push for it. (here and here)
  • April 27 2011 Trump was making headlines saying that polls showed him tied with Obama. (here)
  • April 28 2011 Mark Taylor said “this next election will be a clean sweep for the man I have chosen [Donald Trump]”. Mark Taylor clearly predicted Trump would win the NEXT ELECTION (repeated it twice and stated Obama wouldn’t win a second term for additional emphasis) at a time when Donald Trump was considering running and had just taken a lead in the polls.
  • October 7 2015 Mark Taylor begins predicting Trump again. Trump had been running for months and had a MONSTER lead (here and here and here).
  • Here is a list of Mark Taylor’s prophecies: here

In conclusion we have to admit that his 2011 prediction was not a shot in the dark because it was all over the news. We also have to admit Mark clearly explained that they would “spend millions to keep this president in”- a reference to Obama running for a second term. And that he wrote in “this next election” twice- clearly referring to the 2012 election which was just starting. Trump did not run in 2012 and Obama did win a second term in 2012. We also have to admit Mark reemerged with more about Trump when Trump was polling 10 points higher than anyone else in October 2015.

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