Did Qanon predict McCain death?

  • John McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer before Qanon existed, in June 2017. Dr’s were surprised he lasted a year and knew his time was limited with the type of brain cancer he had. (see here)
  • Qanon said June 30 2018 that McCain’s state (SC) would vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh. Q said “Every dog has it’s day” clearly meaning that although Q doesn’t like McCain (who Q calls “no name”), it is good that he will help confirm Judge Kav. It was mainstream news that McCain might resign to help get another vote for Kavanaugh (here) and (here). That is exactly what happened. This is literally Q regurgitating news articles.
  • On July 25 2018 Qanon said that McCain was “returning to headlines”. Indeed he was, since he called Trumps meeting with Putin a “disgraceful performance” and said it was “tragic”. (see here) All that was a week before that Q post.
  • McCain died August 25 2018, which was expected because “medically speaking, it is positive for any glioblastoma patient to survive a year” and “most die in less than 2 years“.
  • Somehow Qanon followers think these posts predicted John McCain’s death. Some even pretend it was some type of secret execution. Even if Q did predict McCains death, his death was predictable because he had advanced brain cancer. But he didn’t.



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