Jerome Corsi vs Qanon

  • Jerome Corsi appears to be very proficient in decoding mysteries on the internet. Corsi had figured out about Wikileaks Podesta email dumps weeks before they happened. He claims he “figured it out”. Meuller claims he had inside contacts. Either way he is good at getting inside information.
  • Corsi was a huge supporter of Qanon and had hundreds of hours into research and videos decoding Q’s posts.
  • Corsi was a notable part of the push to get Trump elected and closely connected to Roger Stone and other Trump allies. 
  • Corsi was making money and asking for monthly contributions for his work on decoding Qanon
  • Qanon released this post:


Corsi would respond with this tweet:

Qan6And this tweet:

Qan7Alex Jones then talked about Qanon with Corsi saying Q was compromised here:


I could find no source of Alex Jones talking about Q being compromised prior to this video 5-11-18. Did the Q post about profiting really upset Corsi and Jones so much they decided to abandon and slander the movement? Or did they actually have inside information, as both have been known to have before (the very reason Mueller is attacking Corsi right now)?


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